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Our Process

The Acc-U-Rite Tax Process

Due to the ongoing pandemic, for 2021 we will be utilizing a drop off only process. 

We absolutely love doing tax returns while you are sitting at our desks.  The ability to ask questions and have a conversation during the tax return has been the cornerstone of our business since the 1950's.  With the COVID-19 pandemic still such a critical health issue, we firmly believe that having clients congregate in the lobby and sit at our desks is NOT a viable option for this one tax season.  For the 2021 Tax Season, preparing 2020 tax returns, we will be going to a drop off only system.  This will minimize the time that clients spend in the front lobby and will help to protect the health of both the preparers and clients.  While we believe this is the best decision for this upcoming tax season, we do fully intend to revert back to our live, in person tax return preparation process in 2022, provided the current crisis has passed. 

            We will be working on the tax returns in the order that they arrive in the office.  Our preparers will be in the building working on returns during their regularly scheduled hours.  Early in the tax season we anticipate that we will begin working on the tax returns that are dropped off, and our initial communication with you, will take place on the very same day or the next day.  As the tax season progresses this time may extend slightly, but we will be doing our absolute best to start working on every tax return dropped off and start our communication with you within three days of being dropped off.  Our tax preparer’s will be calling you directly to inform you that they are beginning to work on your tax return.  Every seasonal tax preparer from last year has returned and we have hired additional tax preparers as well to help ensure a smooth process.  If you have a specific preparer that you request each year, you are definitely welcome to make that request when you drop off your paperwork.

Our normal process listed below will most likely return for the next tax season in 2022.  

Acc-U-Rite Tax is unique in that we are a walk in service.  Our clients walk in, take a number, and wait for their number to be called.  When your number is called you sit with one of our qualified tax professionals who prepare the tax return while you sit at the desk.  In many cases the tax return is completed while you are here and you have a final copy of your tax return, along with all your original documentation, in your folder as you leave. 

There are some clients who prefer to wait for a specific tax preparer.  In those cases the client takes a number, but then also tells the administrative staff that they would like to wait for a specific tax preparer.  In those instances the wait can be slightly longer as when your number is called, you are put on a list waiting for your specific preparer to be available.  When they are available they will call your number instead of the next number in line. 

While a large number of clients have the tax return prepared in person, we do have some clients drop off their paperwork.  Tax returns that are dropped off to be prepared do take a longer time to complete as our tax preparers work on these returns when they have the time available.  In addition, there are usually several phone calls needed to ask questions before being able to finalize the tax return.

We feel that it is extremely beneficial to have the client at the desk as we prepare the tax return.  There are so many questions that arise while the tax return is prepared and having you, the client, available to answer those questions as they come up is invaluable to preparing a complete and accurate tax return.  We look forward to working with you.