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Milwaukee Office

6320 West Forest Home Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53220

Our Process

The Acc-U-Rite Tax Process

Due to the ongoing pandemic, for 2022 we will be utilizing a HYBRID model of live in person tax preparation OR you can still use the drop off process. 

We absolutely love doing tax returns while you are sitting at our desks.  The ability to ask questions and have a conversation during the tax return has been the cornerstone of our business since the 1950's.  As such, we are returning to our live and in person tax preparation process that has worked for so many decades.  However, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to roll on into it's third year and new variants popping up every so often, we know that a certain segment of our clients will want to minimize contact to protect their own health or the health of a loved one.  As such, we will continue to offer the drop off tax preparation process.  

We have a plan in place to offer expedient tax preparation regardless of the option you choose.  Our staff of tax preparers will work on live and in person tax returns as normal.  We have created a rolling schedule for our full time preparers to work on drop offs exclusively for one day each week.  If you usually see a specific preparer and wish to sit down in person with that preparer, please call ahead to confirm that they are available for live and in person tax preparation on the day you wish to come into the office.  If you are dropping off a tax return for a specific preparer, then you may do so at any time when we are open.  


We will have the majority of our staff available for live and in person tax preparation.  If you request a specific preparer then please call ahead to ensure their availability prior to making the trip to our office.  When you check in at the front desk, please let the administrative staff know that you are waiting for a specific preparer.  The staff will adjust your check-in to show that you are waiting for a specific preparer.


We have a rotating schedule during the week where each preparer will spend one day per week working on drop off tax returns and will NOT be available for live tax returns on that specific day.

By utilizing our staff in this fashion we will be able to help every client, regardless of whether you would like a drop off tax return or a live and in person tax return prepared.

Our lobby has had a small upgrade.  We are now utilizing a monitor to show the clients waiting in the lobby and the plastic number cards have been retired.  The front staff will assist you with this process, which is similar to what you may remember from last year.  If you are waiting for a specific preparer, then let the administrative staff know so they can assign that preparer to your name on the monitor waiting list.

We look forward to working with you.