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Client Checklist and Worksheets

Being prepared truly helps make the tax preparation experience go smoothly.  We have a number of helpful items listed below that can help you to organize and manage your particular tax situation.

The Acc-U-Rite Client Checklist is first on the list and should be filled out by each tax client.  Many clients ask if it's really necessary to fill this out every year and the answer to that question is YES, It IS necessary to fill this checklist out each year!  The reason behind our checklist is two-fold.  First, the checklist is updated each year to include (and sometimes exclude) questions based on the constantly changing tax laws. The second reason is to help catch those unusual tax events that you might have year to year. We want to make sure that your return is done correctly and this Checklist helps us achieve that goal.

Do you have a child that you are claiming on your tax return?  Please fill out the Qualifying Child Worksheet provided below:

Do you own a small business?  If you are self-employed and file a Schedule C, then this worksheet provided below can help you organize all your potential deductions:

Do you have a rental property?  This worksheet provided below is intended to help you organize all your potential deductions.  We do ask that you use one sheet per rental property:

As part of your Schedule C Business or Schedule E rental property you may have some mileage that is deductible.  All mileage is required to be documented in order to be claimed.  This Auto / Truck Expense & Mileage Worksheet provided below can help you consolidate your records onto one sheet.  The monthly mileage is necessary because the mileage rate will occasionally change mid-way through the tax year:

Have you had any debt forgiven or cancelled in the past year?  This can include credit cards, student loans, mortgages, or other types of debt that you did not pay back.  In those situations the forgiven debt is considered to be taxable income to you, the taxpayer.  There are a few options to potentially reduce or remove this from your taxable income and these options will be discussed with you when your tax return is being prepared.  The President Biden student loan forgiveness plan of $10,000 or $20,000 is still being challenged at the Supreme Court.  Depending on the ruling, this will be a 2023 tax issue.  If you qualified for Student Loan Debt forgiveness from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program in 2022, be sure to bring in any paperwork you have on the forgiven debt as that needs to be addressed on the 2022 tax return.  Please check out this link below to show you what a debt cancellation tax form might look like:

Do you have a child in college, paying student loans back, or have children attending private school in Kindergarten through 12th grade?  Please check out this link below:

Have you spent some time gambling this past year?  All gambling income should be reported, not just the W2-G.  We have created this worksheet to assist you in tracking your gambling income and losses to be in compliance with IRS guidelines.  Please check out this link below:

Finally, a few more links are below to help you with the gathering of your tax information.