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Our Mission

Our Mission

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is simple: provide the best tax preparation experience possible with a high level of personal service every time.  In order to provide this level of service, the staff at Acc-U-Rite works hard to get to know and understand your particular tax situation to provide an accurate and complete tax return with every legal deduction, credit, and subtraction available. 

Why Use Acc-U-Rite Tax?

Tax preparation has become perceived as a commodity and it is easy to utilize an online service in the 'do-it-yourself' era. However, an online service will not and can not help you gain an understanding of how life events and tax law walk hand in hand throughout your life time. Having a tax preparer who knows your life situation can provide helpful guidance far more quickly and accurately than a computer screen can.  Every tax preparer at Acc-U-Rite Tax spends a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education every year staying up-to-date on current tax laws to ensure an accurate and complete tax return every time.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike some tax services, Acc-U-Rite is open year-round to provide service to its clients every day. For many taxpayers, taxes are a 'once-a-year' type of deal. However, life does happen, which can throw an unexpected curveball into your tax and financial situation. As a year-round service, we can provide tax planning to help you prepare for whatever events, expected or otherwise, pop up. Retiring, a loved one passing away, a job lost, a child heading off to college, an unexpected inheritance, and many other items are all events that can trigger a need for a discussion with a tax professional. Being open year-round gives you access to a tax professional whenever the need arises.

When you use Acc-U-Rite Tax Service on a year in and year out basis, you have the peace of mind and assurance that no matter what life throws at you, you have a team in your corner to help you work through your particular issue.  Whether that is during the tax season or the off-season, Acc-U-Rite Tax is here year round to assist you with any tax situation that you may encounter.

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our Process

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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Our History

Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

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