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2021 Tax Year

Here we are, once again, ready for another tax season as 2021 turns over into the baby new year 2022.  And... another COVID 19 variant is still lurking around every corner.  As we end year two and head into year three of this pandemic, we are once again amending our operations to adjust to the changing times.  We are switching to a hybrid model that includes both live, in person, tax preparation along with the drop off service as we have done the past year and a half.  If you are one of our clients that prefers to have the tax return done while you are sitting at the desk, we will do that with you.  Personally, we love doing the tax returns in person because we can ask the questions and get an immediate response, plus it's fun to catch up on how everyone has been for the past year.  For those who may be at risk, or possibly come down with COVID, we are also maintaining the drop off option.  Feel free to drop off the tax return and we will have a portion of our full time staff rotate through a schedule where they will spend one day each week working solely on drop off tax returns.  

While we are not requiring masks, the tax preparer will wear a mask upon request.  In the end, we are a business and not your Mother.  You do what you feel is best for you and your health.  We have opened up the office space and used the extra space to help put a bit more separation between tax desks.  We continue to use our HEPA Filter air filters to circulate the air within the office.  If you are comfortable coming into the office with a group of people and decide to wait, you are welcome to do so.  If you would like to sit down in person with a tax preparer, but wait in your car until your turn, we can work with that.  If you want to drop off your tax return, we are fine with that as well.  

We will update as necessary.  Thanks!